Summerville Mayor's Committee


   The Summerville Mayor's Committee was organized by the Summerville Rotary Club in conjunction with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation in 1990 to provide recognition, monetary awards and assistance in gaining entry into meaningful employment to the disabled in the greater Summerville area. The Committee members are comprised of a diverse group of businessmen and women, social workers, civic leaders, and retirees with varied ethnic backgrounds.

   The Committee's mission is to communicate, coordinate, and promote public and private efforts to enhance the employment of people with disabilities. Annually, the Committee sponsors a golf tournament in the fall to raise money for scholarships. In the Spring, the Committee hosts the Annual Awards Banquet to award monetary scholarships to students with disabilities for education and training, as well as recognizes employers and citizens who support and assist people with disabilities to become productive citizens in the Summerville area.

   By reaching out to the community, educating employers, and providing employment opportunities, this Committee is committed to improving the employment of people with disabilities.

"Working Together for a Stronger Community"